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Did you know your brain feels best when things are predictable? 

HOOOO boy do things seem unpredictable right now.

So we're offering video-based coaching, livestream classes and digital download packages because your BODY and your BREATH can be predictable... even if the world isn't.

Holistic Personal Training

Strength Training, Yoga, Mobility, and Pain Relief on Madison's Capital square

If medication or inappropriate workouts have failed you in your attempts to gain strength, ease chronic neck and back pain, or change body composition -- you're not alone. In a sea of information from the fitness industry, it can get overwhelming out there!

Every day, we work with personal training clients to find smart, sustainable ways to feel alive, energized and capable of living their full potential .

Kettlebells, barbells, yoga, range of motion work and functional movement - even eye movement! - are a way to help your "survival brain" get on board with your goals and the life you see for yourself. We use a brain-based approach with each person who walks through our doors, evaluating individual nervous systems and taking into account their personal history, lifestyle and deepest hopes. 

Personal training for each client is different, often focusing on weightlifting form, metabolism, breathing, visual and vestibular requirements or looking at their capacity to experience themselves and their body clearly.


Providing the advanced training you need for...

Pain Relief

Movement Restoration

Movement Restoration

Pain Science has evolved! We now understand more than ever that pain does NOT mean injury, and injury does not always mean pain. In fact, treating the site of pain is often ineffective. When it comes to pain, we are integrated - body, mind, and spirit -  and your story matters as much as your body.

Movement Restoration

Movement Restoration

Movement Restoration

Mobility and Stability are the foundation for any athletic or functional movement program. To help you restore your movement capability, we combine Z-Health (Applied Neurology), Yoga and FMS (Functional Movement Systems) to with kettlebells, TRX and more to provide full-spectrum coaching and advanced neuro- and mobility training!

Strength Training

Movement Restoration

Strength Training

Strength is a skill & everyone can develop it! You'll learn safe, powerful training techniques in barbells, kettlebells, bodyweight, and more, to level up your game for athletic goals or just being more awesome day to day. Strength training can also impact your body composition and confidence in seriously positive ways!

Classes That meet your goals...


Runner's RX Semi-Private

Semi-Private Coaching


Tired of rolled ankles, burning lungs and racing thoughts? Ready for strength, speed and super powers?!

Learn simple ways to begin or optimize the 2020 running season and leave feeling ready to tackle your next training session with excitement and ease. Appropriate for all levels!

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Semi-Private Coaching

Runner's RX Semi-Private

Semi-Private Coaching


In each session, you'll connect with a coach who cares about your WHOLE self to help build a toolbox of strength, mobility and conditioning with SFG kettlebell, TRX and bodyweight movements. Session curriculum is founded in Strength Training, Z-Health, and Functional Movement principles.

Runner's RX Semi-Private

Runner's RX Semi-Private

Wonder Women Semi-Private


This semi private session is open to all, but geared toward healthy, sustainable running practices! You'll train functional strength, breathing drills and skills work in this class. This is the perfect weekend pick-me-up for anyone interested in moving well and increasing endurance.

Wonder Women Semi-Private

Wonder Women Semi-Private

Wonder Women Semi-Private


It's time to live life to the fullest! In this semi-private training, you'll focus on breathing mechanics, pelvic floor strength and health, and full body strength using kettlebells and more.

Note: This session is open to those who identify as a woman.

Weekend Warrior Group

Wonder Women Semi-Private

Private 1-on-1 Training


Weekend Warrior is our way to kick off your weekend with sweat and a smile! Join our unconventional, brain-based coaches for a mix of TRX, Kettlebells,  Bodyweight Exercise, and Mobility!

Private 1-on-1 Training

Wonder Women Semi-Private

Private 1-on-1 Training


You get exactly what you want here. Weightlifting and strength training, flexibility, pain relief, yoga, Functional Movement, and Z-Health applied neurology can all be included in your personal training session with a skilled Coach. Session rates vary.

Our Coaches

Amanda Bauer, Coach at Forest Coaching & Studios

Amanda Bauer

ACE Personal Trainer / Health Coach, UESCA Certified Running Coach, Z Health EEP, TRX

Amanda is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach and UESCA Running Coach with a passion for endurance sports and finding the joy in movement. 

Amanda is currently pursuing her education in Z Health and her SFG Kettlebells Certification. She has mentored under Annie Forest and offers functional movement and running coaching with heart!

"As a lifelong learner and science nerd, my passion is empowering others to give themselves permission to become the best version of themselves. I train with my heart using compassionate strength, conditioning and wellness coaching. Unique programs are developed with you, focusing on what your body, your heart, and your brain need most to be the best you."


Troy Bailey

Troy Bailey is a Z-Health and Strength & Conditioning Coach with a passion for human performance. He specializes in functional movement and athletic conditioning, with an emphasis on the neurology of strength in personal training and small group sessions.

"I am a competitor through and through. I played football in college; I also enjoy skiing, volleyball, softball, and basketball. When I’m not exercising... I’m teach my black lab, Tatum, new tricks or I'm playing video games."

Annie Forest, Owner and Coach at Forest Coaching & Studios

Annie Forest

Strong First Level II Kettlebell, TRX, 200 Hr. Registered Yoga Teacher, Z-Health R-, I-, S-, T-Phase and 9S Courses Certified Trainer

Have you ever felt like you're not YOU? I've been there too, and after a decade in the fitness industry, I am so honored to help athletes of all shapes, sizes and abilities discover a life filled with energy and strength.

Sessions are built around developing strength, freedom of movement, and helping your metabolism heal to provide you with boundless energy. The goal is helping you to see your true potential. You - YES, YOU - deserve a life free from pain and a capacity for movement that comes from a place of deep strength and joy. 

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Testimonials from real Madison Clients...


"... your optimism and positivity was immediately contagious! You always focused on being strong and aware of what your body COULD do, not what it couldn't. This changed me in a way that I never imagined possible!"

- Katie

"I was afraid to work with a personal trainer as I didn't know if they would be able to manage my limitations of a chronic back issue, but I was more than pleasantly surprised! If you're looking for a personal trainer that will truly personalize a program for you NO MATTER WHAT your current level of fitness or limitations are, this is definitely the right choice!"

- Erika

"Thank you for all that you do for me! Your encouragement, belief, and efforts to help me are very much appreciated." 

- Jacqueline

An amazing trainer/coach! ... Extremely knowledgeable about the body and working with kettlebells, and she always creates workouts that are challenging, but SUPER effective! Highly recommended! You will not regret it!

- Colleen

"She brings a truly unique mix of intelligence, humor, common sense, and FUN to the table. She knows strength backwards and forwards. You will be well cared for and challenged to become YOUR best, not someone else's idea of your best."

- MarK


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